Protect your debit and credit cards

Are you transmitting your personal and financial data?

Modern credit/debit cards are equipped with wireless NFC – RFID technology allowing payments to be made easily. However what they do not tell you is that this same technology is at risk from electronic fraud.

“Skimming” or electronic fraud is a worldwide problem with millions of thefts per day! It can be done in seconds with a standard skimming device. Don’t let it happen to you!

With the NFC – RFID card protector your cards are protected 24/7. Your financial and personal data is safe: Shopping without the worry.

Skimmer in action:

Why buy the Skimming Protector?

  1. The only card working proactively

  2. Protects up to 12 cards (like your credit card and driving license)

  3. Skimming happens: 23% users told us their card was skimmed once

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